Pace of Play

On a normal not so busy day - Regardless of the pace you are playing at if you have space in front of you and a group or individual is waiting behind you let them pass.  It is a courtesy to wave them up either once your group is in the fairway or on the green.  Once you have let them hit up to you, go ahead and play your next shot while they are moving to your position (keep the pace moving).  Once the group reaches you let them play out the hole.  When  a group lets you through, always be polite and  thank them as this will encourage them to continue this practice.  

On an extremely busy day (especially Friday or Saturday) -   To begin with the Pace of Play at WMCC is an easy 4 hours or better.  On a busy day, when playing at this pace, groups should never lose sight of the group in front of them.  However, when multiple groups are waiting on your group, your group has space in front of them and your pace of play is over 4 hours, instead of letting groups pass, pick up your ball and move to your position on the course that is behind the group in front of you.  Letting groups  pass on busy days actually slows the pace behind when there are too many groups waiting.  Moving up to your position on the course will keep the pace for the later tee times on track.